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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Kid’s Summer Camp coming in July!

Lighthouse Camp & Retreat Center
St. Marys, Ohio
Primary Camp July 24-26      Middler Camp July 21-24       Pre-Teen Camp July 28-31

What's to Do:
  • Daily activities & games
  • Daily cabin/devotional time
  • Daily worship service
  • Swimming pools
  • Bonfire pit
  • Gagaball pit
  • Skit night
  • Lots of fun​!
Camp Rules:
  • Be safe. Do not intentionally harm yourself or others, or put yourself in harms way. 
  • Be respectful. Use appropriate words to other campers and the campgrounds staff. 
  • Be responsible. Follow the schedule and participate with the group at all times. 
  • No boys can go in girls' rooms, no girls can go in boys' room. 
  • Take care of camp property and equipment. Fines for damage are $100 plus cost of repairs.
What to Bring:
  • Modest clothing & active ware
  • One-piece swim suit w/covers
  • Bedding & pillow
  • Toiletries & personal items
  • Shower supplies
  • Bible & notebook/pencil

What not to Bring:
  • Cell phones
  • Mp3 players / iPods
  • Tablets / iPads
  • Video games
  • 2-way radios
  • Whatever isn't allowed in school
Sorry, we cannot accept walk-in campers or counselors.
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Primary Camp     
July 24-26
1st or 2nd Grade completed
​$115 by July 1    
$130 after July 1

Director info:
Leslie Murdock & Tonya
Middler Camp
July 21-24
​3rd or 4th Grade completed
​$150 by July 1
$165 after July 1

Director info:
Kim Marks
Pre-teen Camp
July 28-31
5th or 6th Grade completed
​$150 by July 1
$165 after July 1

Director info:
Missy Sipes
Camp Counselors
We're always looking for awesome people who can handle a small group of campers for a few days! ​

Please, send inquiries to the camp director for which you desire to volunteer.  Thanks!
Parents MUST read our instructions and release statements.  Thanks!

Download the 2019 camp flyer.
Learn more about Lighthouse Campground.
Donations are always much appreciated for campers. Registrations are complete when the camp fee is paid online with registration or a check is mailed to the camp director,
not to the district office. Please, include child's name and camp on the check. 
 Thank you.